I am happy to report that WarbirdColors is now back in business with ALL Colors available as before. However be advised that the formula has changed as a result of the manufacturer ceasing production of the original base product. The colors are the same, however the new formula is NOT as fuel resistant as the original product, and will require a protective coating to make it totally fuel-proof. I currently DO NOT have a fuel-proof clear coating in stock. You can navigate the site, and select the colors/sizes you need, and order on-line as before, or if you have questions please EMAIL ME.

I apologize for the change. After speaking with many builders the consensus was that it is the colors that matter, and that there are clear-coats readily available. It is still a water-based product and applies easily with no mess or odor...and THE COLORS ARE CORRECT! Thank you for your support.


You can place your order on-line as before or you can contact me via email with your requirements. Please include a shipping address and I will get back to you via email or phone with details of the order.


Inquiries may be sent to: warbirdcolors@yahoo.com. I thank you for your continued support.

Chuck Graves

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